Technical Specifications

Products TAFF are made with rotational moulding technology. All product are  free of internal tensions, with uniform thickness, stability and  aesthetic appearance unmatched.


Material:High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), resistant to weathering and UV rays;
Colors:Wide range of your choice (RAL);
Resistance wave:Solid but flexible modular system, tested for offshore installations and on bodies of water protected;
Maintenance:Low, almost nothing;
Mounting:Quick and easy. All components are lightweight and easy to handle;
Warranty:2 years on all components against defects in factory plastic;
Temperature (min/max):Withstands -55 ° to + 75 ° C without deformation or damage;
Additional features:Resistant to salt and sea water, acids and sunlight.
High strength and elasticity to the impact caused by boats. No corner or sharp edge;
Applications:Many: docks, launch pads and other water sports kite, sun, beaches floats, marinas, bars / pubs / floating restaurants, swimming pools protected aquatic species breeding pools, etc..

Square module

Size:110 X 110 X 44 cm. (W x L X H)
Weight:About 32 kg.*
Buoyancy:About 400 kg.
* The modules are equipped with a compartment for ballast. The ballast is carried out through the holes on the surface upper of the module while emptying takes place through the drain holes (with valves) on the surface forming the base of the hemispherical form.

Triangular module

Size:110 X 110 X 44 cm. (Perpendicular sides X H.)
Weight:About 26 kg.
Buoyancy:About 230 kg.


ImagineDescriptionWheight kg.
giunto4Joint 4 holes4,3
giunto3Joint 3 holes4,8
giunto2Joint 2 holes2,8
giunto1Joint 1 hole1,5
bittaJoint 2 holes Cleat
barraHandrails bars2,2
piastraPlate mooring5,0
Sea Bed "Relax"17
Sea Bed "Relax" with mat17